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Diploma in Fashion Designing

Sintel Academy of Fashion Designing imparts quality education and professional training in the field of fashion design and costume/ dress designing and give outstanding learning environment to its students. You learn to solve design related problems and also learn to produce a wide range of products- women wear, men wear and kids wear. Sintel Academy aim is to provide a platform for inspiring students to acquire the necessary skills in fashion industry to make beautiful, sustainable and relevant fashion for the future. The institute has well qualified and experienced faculty to guide and train the students. We always aim to define, the absolute standard of excellence in the area of academics

Course / Academics Program

Diploma in Fashion Designing (1 Year) : Fashion Designing in India has evolved into a multi billion industry over the past few years. The growth of the fashion industry is at its peak requiring designers who can come up with unique trendy and innovative designs. Here at Sintel Academy, the fashion designing diploma program helps to mould students for a successful career as they learn various techniques of ornamentation, creating various techniques of ornamentation, creating patterns, designing garments with illustration and the concepts of design with the knowledge from history of different traditions and countries.


Why Choose Sintel Academy of Fashion Designing ?

      • Practice based learning : Sintel emphasis on practical knowledge rather than theoretical classes providing hands-on experience with individual machines for each student.
      • Interactive learning : Activities such as brain storming, logical thinking session, seminars are conducted from time to time which make learning more interesting and active.
      • Placement Assistance : Apart from practical training, Sintel Academy provides placement assistance to students for a bright career in fashion industry.
      • Transportation : Sintel Academy is well connected by city bus and auto service to all parts of Faridabad.
      • Women’s Empowerment : Sintel Academy promotes the advancement of women as academic and community leaders and at our institute enrolment is all female.
      • Convenient Timings : Sintel Academy offers full time, part time (Morning & afternoon batches) convenient for students, house wives and working professionals.
      • 3 years of Excellence : Our mission is to service society through excellence in education, we always aim to define the absolute standard of excellence in the area of academics.