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Diploma In Computer Application


Diploma in Computer Applications is a one year diploma course to study computer applications in depth.  The course imparts scientific, practical and technical knowledge to its learners about various computer tools that are used in day to day life. The applications make tasks easier and provide ease of use.


A computer programmer or operator are in high demand in all sectors of the market. They are used at shops to create a database for all the items with their serial numbers, price and quantity ratios. At schools, computer operators are required to sit behind the desk and manage the computer database for the school, list of all the students, their details, fee payment, enrollment details and all other activities of students are recorded in the computer.


An efficient computer operator is needed to handle such large data. In offices, computer operator takes care of the back door operating and keeps employees information in the computer. The benefits of computer are many and an efficient computer technician is required to facilitate computer tasks. That is why DCA degree was created as it imparts knowledge related to computers in a short period of time.


Another advantage is that anybody is eligible to study this diploma course. After completing DCA you can have a number of career prospects and all sectors are open to you. This program imparts specialization in the fields of:

  • Basics Computer Skills
  • MS Office Applications
  • Internet Basics
  • E-Business
  • Software Hacking & IT security
  • PC Assembly and Troubleshooting
  • Software Engineering


Eligibility for Diploma in Computer Application [DCA]

Students who wish to pursue Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA) should have completed their higher school/ 10 + 2 from a recognized school.  If they have chosen Computers as their main or optional subject after 10th standard have an additional edge over others. Apart from this no other eligibility criteria is set for aspirants. No minimum cutoff is required and anybody who has completed high school can enroll for this degree.


Career Prospects for Diploma in Computer Application [DCA]

Students have a number of career options available after completing Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA). A computer operator can get placed in any office setting as a receptionist or accountant. Other than that, many other career avenues are open which are enumerated below:

Networking & Internetworking field
Database Development & Administration field
Programming – Development tools, languages
Technical writing
Software design & engineering
Graphic design and animation
Web/ e-commerce development


After completing this course, Diploma in Computer Applications, some of the most popular career options for students are:

  • Computer Operator
  • Web Designer
  • Accountant
  • Software Developer
  • C++ developer